The objective of NAPSA is to foster research collaboration between Irish and Atlantic Canadian researchers that will lead to the establishment of funded scientific projects to enhance our understanding of the petroleum geology of the North Atlantic basins. The long term goal is to promote research that leads to increased petroleum exploration and development, with projects also fostering basic research to enhance the growth of scientific knowledge.

• Exploit similarities between the petroleum geology on both sides of the Atlantic to improve the accuracy of petroleum systems analysis and compensate for scarce data coverage
• Maximise the value of natural hydrocarbon resource assets to the benefit of Ireland and Atlantic Canada
• Attract inward investment into exploration programmes and support services
• Create centres of excellence for oil and gas research development
• Increase research and development capacity, funding and human resource base
• Use the increased critical mass to improve and promote hydrocarbon opportunities in the North Atlantic

• Acquire strategic new geological and geophysical research data on both sides of the Atlantic
• Increase knowledge to quantify the potential of the North Atlantic petroleum systems
• Contribute to the scientific understanding of the offshore marine environment, depositional processes and interaction with hydrocarbon exploitation
• Create a Petroleum School between Ireland and Atlantic Canada to generate high quality graduates in petroleum disciplines, which are presently in short supply
• Leverage geotechnical and engineering excellence across the North Atlantic
• Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the stakeholder institutions to enable synergistic collaboration; fill gaps where necessary
• Ensure clarity of purpose and transparency of funding access

NAPSA was formalised with the signing of a Letter of Intent at the first NAPSA Executive Committee in Dublin on 28 February 2007. The main areas for collaboration are: Basin studies; Data acquisition and processing; Data access for researchers and Human & Capital Resources. The signatories were the Oil & Gas Development Partnership in Newfoundland and Labrador (OGDP) and by the Petroleum Infrastructure Programme in Ireland (PIP - see
The NAPSA initiative was developed from contacts established between Irish, Newfoundland and other European researchers in hydrocarbon exploration at a two day workshop in Ireland in October 2005. The workshop considered future research objectives to enhance the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Atlantic Margin Basins of Western Ireland and Eastern Canada. This was followed by a conference in Dublin in November 2006 “Exploring Atlantic Ireland” where delegates from Ireland and Newfoundland presented their research results. A broad research programme for NAPSA was established at a workshop during the conference and this was developed further by PIP and the OGDP.

Work Programme
The work programme includes collaborative research between Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) and National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) on fluid inclusion studies, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) on Carboniferous geology and University College Dublin (UCD) on reservoir provenance studies.
A major new project "The Plate Reconstruction of the North Atlantic between Ireland and Canada" began in April 2010. The project team was lead by GeoArctic of Calgary with Badley Geoscience Ltd., Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), University College Dublin (UCD), the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS), the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and others as partners. The project was completed in May 2013.

A new website was developed and went live in October 2011. This was updated in January 2019 to a responsive design with improved security and admin options.

Expected Outcomes
1. Consolidated working relationships and increased research collaboration between researchers in Ireland and Atlantic Canada.
2. Collaborative transatlantic research objectives, work programmes and funding mechanisms.
3. A mechanism to facilitate exchange of research ideas, results and personnel between Newfoundland-Labrador and Ireland.
4. A forward programme of research workshops and meetings in both jurisdictions.
5. Improved hydrocarbon prospectivity of new frontier exploration areas offshore Newfoundland-Labrador and Atlantic Ireland.

NAPSA comprises the member signatories to the February 2007 Letter of Intent along with a broad spectrum of research collaborators from universities, research institutions, exploration companies and government agencies.
The current participants include:
Irish Shelf Petroleum Studies Group (ISPSG - current members of PIP)
Nalcor Energy Newfoundland
Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS)
National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
University College Cork (UCC)
Memorial University Newfoundland (MUN)
Dalhousie University Nova Scotia
The University of New Brunswick (UNB)
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI)
British Geological Survey (BGS)
Marine Institute of Ireland
Canada-Newfoundland-Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB)
Department of Natural Resources, Newfoundland-Labrador (DNR)
Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB)
Petroleum Affairs Division, Dept of Communications, Climate Action & Environment, Ireland (PAD/DCCAE)